The Story

Ignaz Bösendorfer
(1796 – 1859)

Bösendorfer was established in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer and ranks among the world’s oldest and most prestigious piano manufacturers. Their pianos are built by hand in Vienna, the music capital of the world. Rich in tradition and world-famous for the intricate hand-craftsmanship, high quality instruments and

unmistakably inspiring sound, it has been refining the art of Viennese piano-making since 1828. It is an Austrian piano manufacturer and, since 2008, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. Bösendorfer is unusual in that it produces 97- and 92-key models in addition to instruments with standard 88-key keyboards.

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“The perfection of a Bösendorfer exceeds my most ideal expectations…”
Franz Liszt (1811 – 1886)
Pianist & Composer
“I also gotta have such a thing! This is the one!”
Oscar Peterson (1925 – 2007)
Jazz pianist & Composer
“Sometimes pianists try to sound like singers. Me personally, I try to sound like a Bösendorfer.“
Placido Domingo (1941 – Present)
Opera singer, Conductor & Arts Administrator